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Meeting men via a dating website can be fun and exciting. It can also be a slippery slope. Obviously you want to be careful and know that the man you've been communicating with online is a real person and not some scam artist or some 14-year-old boy. Yesthat can happen. Mostly though, the men out there are just like youthey are dating online and hoping to one day find that great match.

If you have been communicating online with someone you met on a dating website, the question as to when the two of you should meet in person always arises. I am believe the sooner you meet, the better. I don't think you should wait too long, because the longer you wait, the higher your expectations become. If you have hit it off well with someone online via email and telephone, it's time to get out of the virtual world and into the real world. The sooner the better. Nothing can compare to the chemistry two people share when they meet face-to-face. And though you may get along wonderfully as you exchange emails and phone calls, the proof as to whether or not you really want to be together will be clear when you meet in person for the first time.

Some of my colleagues disagree. They think two people should take as much time as possible getting to know one another online. One particular dating expert seems to think that two people dating online should stay there for awhile, getting to know one another by exchanging information through email. This is a wonderful way of getting to know a person, but I believe all sorts of expectations will be made if you never get to interact in person.

My colleague believes that you are less likely to reject someone based on physical appearance if you have already taken the time to get to know them online. This concept has merit, but I also feel that physical attraction is an essential part of the entire package along with personality, sense of humor, kindness and honesty. Many people are a bit shallow when it comes to physical attraction and may dismiss dating the other person based upon height, weight or some other physical attribute. However, you don't have to stay online with someone for months at a time to really get to know them. You should have a pretty good idea about a particular person after a few email and phone exchanges.

If the person you're dating online has been upfront and honest regarding their physical appearance, there should be no surprises when you decide to meet in person. Why spend several months having an online relationship, when the two of you can be enjoying each other in the real worldc And, if things don't work out, you haven't wasted months and months of your time sitting in a nowhere online relationship. You should get out and meet someone new as soon as possible. It's the best way to start healing and start living.